High Definition Brow Review

During my visit to the Glamour Beauty Festival I was lucky enough to sit down at the High Definition Brow Bar for their bespoke brow treatment. HD brows are a hybrid of tinting, waxing, threading and tweezing to form the perfect shape for you. Wether you have beautifully thick brows, or ones in need of a bit more TLC they can recommend the best treatment for you.

I’ve been a little put off by getting my brows done as in the past couple of years they’ve become a lot thinner after having them regularly threaded, so after growing them out for a couple of weeks I was very dubious as to what miracles they’d be able to perform!

There were 6 stylists working at the event and I sat down with Holly, who actually works in a salon not too far away from where I live. First she took off the brow makeup I was wearing to get a good look and then did a consultation advising on the best shape and colour for me.

We started with a dark tint as my hair is dyed black but my brows are very fair, the tint is applied in quite a big area covering past the brows to catch any hairs that could be used to help achieve the desired shape. Once the tint was removed Holly then mapped out the shape and used very precise waxing with tiny strips to create it.

After the waxing she went on to thread the areas she hadn’t waxed to remove any smaller, finer hairs. For me threading is usually really painful, far more so than waxing or plucking, however because she was only using it to remove the downy fluffier hairs to make the area smoother for makeup application it really didn’t hurt at all.

Finally she went on to plucking the stray hairs that’d been missed and ensuring the shape was as perfect as possible. All that was left to do after that was to fill in my brows slightly using the HD Brow Creme and Pro pencil.

The whole treatment took around 45 minutes, much longer than the usual brow appointment but the results are fantastic. While I still have problem areas, overall they look much thicker and more even. It will take a few more appointments  before they are in perfect condition, but considering the results of the first treatment I will definitely be booking in again in a few weeks.

My goody bag from the event contained their Brow Define pencil and I also purchased the Brow Creme while I was there, both of which I highly recommend. The pencil is super soft, the best I’ve used, it applies really easily and isn’t waxy at all. The Creme is much nicer than a powder, it has a little mesh net that you dab your brush into to prevent too much product being applied at once which can leave your brows looking cakey. Both products give a wonderfully natural look.

If you are interested in having a HD Brow treatment visit http://beautyinhighdefinition.com and use their salon finder to find your nearest one, you can also browse their products online.

Let me know if you’ve tried HD Brow treatments or products and what you thought in the comments below.



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