Voya; The Magic Of Seaweed

Last month I visited the Professional Beauty show in London in the hope of discovering some exciting new products and brands that I hadn’t used before. One of my discoveries was an Irish brand called Voya, who started as a small family run business specialising in traditional seaweed baths and are now a global brand supplying their products to hotels and spas around the world.

I have to admit I hadn’t really considered using seaweed based beauty products before, while I understood the benefits of incorporating it into my diet using it on my skin and hair wasn’t something I had tried. Seaweed is known for having fantastic natural anti aging properties fighting against free radicals which cause signs of aging, but it can also help tackle issues such as cellulite, psoriasis and eczema. I spent a lot of time at the Voya stand while they showed me their products and explaining key ingredients and what they were used for, and I went away with a few items to try. I’ve been using these products for the past few weeks and this is what I think so far…

Forget Me Knot Smoothing Conditioner

I have been using this twice a week after my regular shampoo, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t feel too heavy on the hair like some conditioners can. It’s best left on for a few minutes before rinsing, or if you have the time try it as a hair mask for 10-15 minutes to really give the ingredients time to do their thing. The scent is really lovely and fresh; lavender, palmarosa and lime, the lime comes through strongest for me. While I didn’t notice a massive difference with how my hair looked, it did feel a lot softer and the olive leaf extract left it much more manageable and less tangled after washing. It also contains avocado oil which I have used in previous products and found it really helps to strengthen my hair. I’d be interested to see how this works alongside its corresponding shampoo.

Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil

This is my favourite of the 3 products as it goes on beautifully, sinking into the skin without leaving it feeling oily or sticky, and it smells gorgeous. The uplifting scent of lime and mandarin make it a perfect springtime body oil to use after a morning shower, there is nothing artificial about the scent at all and it is subtle enough not to be overpowering like some citric scents can be. While all Voya’s products have anti aging properties from the seaweed, this oil also contains rosehip and evening primrose to slow the signs of aging and improve the skins elasticity. Β After using this product for a few weeks I’ve noticed my skin feels a lot softer (especially on my legs) and looks brighter. This also makes a great massage oil if your skin needs an extra boost.

Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion

When you apply this body lotion it feels quite rich and thick, more like a cream than a lotion but it sinks into the skin really quickly leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. I put this on after using the body oil concentrating it on drier areas such as my knees and elbows. The scent is a bit stronger than the body oil, it’s still got the citric freshness of the lime and mandarin but the clove oil comes through more giving it a spicier depth. This works wonders on dry skin, it contains poppy seed which intensively moisturises dull post-winter skin.

I really enjoyed using these products, and am completely sold on using seaweed as an ingredient in my skincare going forward. I would be really interested in trying some of their face products, and I think the seaweed bath is a must try! If you haven’t heard of Voya before check out their website https://voya.ie/ and take a look at their full range. The company also has a great ethos around sustainability and their impact on the environment.

Let me know if you’ve used any Voya products, and what you thought of them in the comments below.



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