Beauty Pie Product Review 

Beauty Pie is a game changer for the cosmetics industry. This is a company which allows you to access premium quality products at factory cost, and by becoming a member of their “club” you could save hundreds of pounds a year without compromising on quality. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I placed my first order last week and below I honestly review each of the products received and let you know if it is really worth the hype. I have included the factory prices that members pay, as well as the RRP of the products.

Ten Best Neatral Eye Shadows: £6.94 RRP £35

This palette contains 2 matt shodays, 6 shimmer shadows, a sculpt and a highlight to create a beautiful everyday neutral look. With tones similar to the original Naked palette by Urban Decay it has big expectations to live up to, and it doesn’t disappoint. The colour payoff is incredible, each shadow highly pigmented and easily blendable. Although the range of colours is smaller it holds enough variations to create many different looks, and with the gorgeous deep browns and metallic gold there is even the key components of a stunning brown smokey eye that can transform into a standout evening look.

Pro-Glow Highlighter: £5.46 RRP £30

This plain, simple black round compact holds one of the most stunning highlighters I’ve seen. I’m a sucker for all things shiny, so when I opened this to see a swirling disc of pearl and copper shimmering out from inside I was really excited to try it out. It goes on really easily, is long wearing, and a little goes such a long way. It is definitely a product that you want to start small with and build up as the pigmentation is incredibly high. It slightly reminds me of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. One of the things I am most impressed with having used it a few times now, is how well the product holds together. Sometimes, when you are swirling your brush around a product, it starts to break down very quickly and you can see it start to spill over onto the compact edges, and black packaging is very unforgiving showing this. As of yet that hasn’t started to happen, I hope that will remain true as I continue to use it!

Flash False Lash Mascara: £2.10 RRP £20

Mascara to me is like Marmite; I either love it or I hate it. I wear false lashes everyday so I mainly use it to coat my bottom lashes, and sometimes to lightly fix my real lashes to my falsies. This means I always try to look for a small brush head, with plastic spikes as opposed to bristles. So I ordered this purely for the look of the brush, and having tested it it meets my needs. However the coverage is pretty dramatic, and I feel this would be very high impact on thick natural lashes, I only use a small amount but it could easily be built up until you reach the desired look. The jet black formula coats each lash quickly and easily, with the brush small enough to reach even the tiniest of corners.

One Powder Wonder: £3.68 RRP £26

This compact powder gives the best balance between matifying and creating luminous looking skin. It has a similar effect on me as the Illuminating Mineral Veil from bareMinerals, although you do have to build it up a little more as it is a pressed powder not a loose one. It feels incredibly light when on and is very soft to apply as it feels extremely finely milled, it sets my makeup in place perfectly and I feel would be great in the summer to reduce shine. I would say that although it states online that it is suitable for all skin tones as it is translucent, as a MUA I have previously used similar products that have said this on very dark skin tones which didn’t work well so I would be interested to hear if this lives up to this claim.

Tripe Beauty Liquid Luminizer: £2.71 RRP £20

I thought that I would also order a liquid highlighter to try as I feel they are more blendable and easy to control where the product goes when applying. This product is a little strange, it feels very liquidy in the pot but when you apply it and start to blend it transforms into more of a cream consistency. That’s not to say I don’t like it, it just took a bit of getting used to on the first application. I find this very easy to apply, and it gives more of a natural glowing highlight, compared to the very shimmery Pro-Glow Highlighter. It is great for a daytime “healthy skin” look, although I feel may not be high impact enough for an evening look.

Superbrow Precision Pencil: £2.06 RRP £17

This product has pleasantly surprised me. On first impressions (which is available on my YouTube channel) I was a little unsure of this as it seemed quite hard and waxy, and I felt it would be difficult to get a natural brow from it. However after warming the product up on my hand (it was delivered on a very cold day and I filmed the video pretty much straight away) it was so much easier to use. The colour range isn’t huge, just 3 shades I believe, so I’d like to see Beauty Pie expand this in the future as I think I need a darker brown, but it works well at defining the brows and in conjunction with a powder can give a great finish.

That concludes my review of my first batch of products. The order was a little larger than my future orders will be as for the first month they increase the allowance from £100 RRP to £150 RRP. I have signed up for a minimum of 3 months subscription, at £10 a month, so will be doing at least 2 more orders that I will review over the next couple of months. I’m excited to try the foundation, and they are launching skincare soon which will be interesting. Let me know if you have tried Beauty Pie, and what you think of the products so far, also any recommendations of what I should try next!



2 thoughts on “Beauty Pie Product Review 

  1. The lip liners are great too! Thank you for this review, I’ve been on the fence on whether to get the eyeshadows and I think I will try them out this month.


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