January Favourites; Skin SOS

This month all my favourite products all seem to have a common theme; skincare. Towards the end of my twenties and since I’ve hit the big 3-0 my skin has dramatically changed, and seems to be highly impacted by changing seasons and the colder weather. This has been accelerated since my pregnancy last year and I am constantly fighting a hydration battle! With this in mind here are a few of my saviour products that I can’t live without.

Neals Yard Rose & Mallow Moisturiser; In the warmer weather I can usually get away with the lighter lotions, but as soon as the temperature drops, the cold air starts to bite and the heating is cranked up I have to reach for something a little richer. I’ve dabbled in many face creams over the years but this is by far the best I’ve tried. It contains gently softening almond oil and nuturing rose, and absorbs very quickly into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated. It has a light pleasant fragrance which isn’t too overpowering (I’m not one for strong scented face products), and at £22 it is much more purse friendly than some of the higher end products I’ve previously tried.

Trilogy Rose Hand Cream; This range has been featured in the press a lot over recent years with its amazing Rose Hip Oil, so I was excited to give this a try. I actually pucked this up last weekend in TK Maxx for £6 but normally retails around £14, after having tried it I would happily pay full price if I can’t find it on offer next time. I have mega dry hands as I’m constantly washing them (the joys of motherhood!) so this is a real treat for the skin. It’s a little richer than the hand creams I normally use but really does hydrate, and as it contains the infamous rosehip it has the added benefit of strengthening my nails and cuticles too. Again, it has a light Rose frangrance which isn’t overpowering.

Botanical Hydrating Eye Serum; Eye serums are something I haven’t tried many of, it’s something I’ve started using in the past few years as I get more conscious of fine lines starting to appear. This one is lovely and light and packed full of vitamins. While I can’t really comment on its anti-aging properties yet as I’ve not been using it long it definitely does hydrate the skin around my eyes and make me look more awake, which for a new mum is exactly what I wanted! If it’s been a particularly long night I pop it in the fridge for half an hour in the morning to make it feel really refreshing when I apply it.

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion; A perfect fast absorbing, nourishing body lotion with shea butter which sinks into the skin and hydrates from within as opposed to creating a barrier on the skins surface. This has a beautiful fresh fragrance that sits well under any perfume and is amazing on dry skin! It has the consistency of a lighter lotion but hydrates more like a thicker body cream.

Lush Floating Island Bath Oil; A beautiful vanilla, sweet scented solid bath oil that melts into the water and helps soften and hydrate your skin. Again, this contains shea butter which is so fantastic for dry skin and I can still smell the light fragrance on my skin after using it last night. A lovely little pampering treat!

Lush Dragon’s Egg; Dark, cold winter nights call for a hot bath with some lovely Lush products! This bath bomb looks fairly plain to start with but bursts into beautiful golden glittery colours, filling the bathroom with a zesty sherbet scent. It leaves my skin soft and lightly fragranced with a citric scent.

Lush Key Lime Pie; OK so I am a bit of a Lush addict, especially in the colder months when I want pampering baths! My husband gave me this lip balm as a gift at Christmas and I really love it! It’s really nourishing, without being too heavy on my lips. The scent is a light, powdery lime more like that of a dessert than the sharp fruit itself. It also contains Argan oil which has fantastic repairing and antioxidant properties, making it a great choice for dry lips.

Boots Nail & Cuticle Oil; This is a quick absorbing, no nonsense cuticle oil. The skin around my nails is really dry at the moment, and my nails which were amazing during pregnancy have recently become dry and brittle so I’m making a huge effort to remember to use this before bed every night. I am noticing a difference after using this, its really helping to hydrate the skin and I hope with a few more weeks use my nails will also start to look better!

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray; One of the best things you can do for your skin is make sure you are getting enough sleep. With a four month old baby that isn’t always possible, even if she is sleeping well (12 beautiful hours a night currently!) I really struggle to relax my mind and fall asleep at the moment. One of my best friends gave me this for my birthday and it’s amazing! I spray it on my pillow just before I get into bed and it helps relax me with its mix of essential oils, which also leave the bedroom smelling beautiful.

Lush Sleepy; Finally, on the subject of sleep my mum gave me this for Christmas (as did another of my close friends, I clearly look like I need sleep at the moment!). It is so gorgeous, I put it on after my evening bath and it has a beautifully relaxing scent of powdery lavender plus is super moisturising so leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. It’s a lovely pampering product, which relaxes and soothes the senses.

That’s it for my January Favourites! Leave a comment below if there’s any saviour products you would recommend me to try that ease dry skin, and let me know what your favourites are this month.



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